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Salary Disparity in USA Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Salary Disparity in USA - Essay Example It is widely known that in the labor force of the United States, women are compensated less than men. According to the report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in 1997, full-time working white women had weekly salaries equal to roughly 75% of white men’s weekly salaries (Keaveny & Inderrieden, 2000). The gender disparity in salary has shrunk slightly during the recent decades. In spite of this trend of lower salaries among women, investigations of salary satisfaction have discovered that women are not less discontented with their salary than men. In line with this report, when salary grade has been regulated, women have disclosed greater salary satisfaction than men (Figart, 2000). Because it is believed that salary satisfaction rests on whether salary received is equivalent to salary expected, it means that if women have lesser salary expectations, women are contented with lesser salary. Major and Konar (1984 as cited in Keaveny & Inderrieden, 2000) studied probable roots of gender disparities in salary expectations undergraduate and graduate students. Similar to previous empirical findings, women had lower salary expectations. The suggested explanations for these disparities in salary expectations were that females might be different from men in job value, comparison criteria, job inputs, and career directions. In relation to career direction, women and men may choose dissimilar areas of interest in school and may pursue dissimilar industrial areas and jobs (Gasser, Oliver, & Tan, 1998). Milkovich and Newman (1996 as cited in Keaveny & Inderrieden, 2000) claim that men are more probable to pursue high-paying jobs and industries. Job inputs as a predictor of pay equity have been taken into account mostly from the point of view of equity theory. Although equity theory premises put emphasis on comparing a proportion of a person’s inputs and outputs to a related other, Jacques (1961 as cited in Keaveny & Inderrieden, 2000) claims that workers may develop salary expectations founded on job features only, and discount what other workers are performing. The empirical reports are varied. Hills (1980 as cited in Keaveny & Inderrieden, 2000) located no substantiation for the notion that people draw upon an internal, self-assessment to identify salary equity. Nevertheless, Berkowitz and colleagues (1987 as cited in Keaveny & Inderrieden, 2000) discovered that the satisfaction of respondents with their salaries was linked to what they believed they are ought to receive, irrespective of what other workers were paid. Major and Konar (1984 as cited in Keaveny & Inderrieden, 2000), in line with this argument, propos e that gender disparities in job inputs may clarify portion of the gender disparities in salary expectations. Females may have lesser job inputs and hence feel they really ought to be paid less. Adam Smith, more than two centuries ago, proposed that employees take into consideration the entirety of the disadvantages and advantages of various occupations in making choices about employment, and that a person is pulled towards those prospects that offer the highest total benefit (Gibelman, 2003). Smith stated that employers regulate salaries to correct the weaknesses and drawbacks of particular forms of employment. If an occupation is dangerous, for instance, higher salary is needed to attain a specific salary satisfaction level than when an occupation is

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Against Space Program Funding Essay Example for Free

Against Space Program Funding Essay Opening Statement: The government uses approximately 17.6 billion dollars of the taxpayers money to fund NASA every year. We shouldn’t be funding NASA that money when our economy is the worst it’s been since the Great Depression; we need to focus and spend our money on the problems here on Earth. NASA hasn’t done anything significant in space in years. And it’s incredibly risky and dangerous going up there. Arguments: 1)Our economy is the worst it’s been since the Great Depression, why are we even considering funding NASA 17. 6 billion dollars when we have big problems here?! Barack Obama, our soon to be President, agrees. We elected him so he must be doing something right with the changes he wants to make. Millions of Americans die from preventable diseases all because they don’t have healthcare, and millions more go to bed hungry at night because they can’t afford to eat. If we took that 17 billion dollars and used to help people get health insurance at least our world would be a better place. Also, global warming issues like that are happening. If those NASA scientists used their knowledge to figure out a way to better help the earth instead of space, we’d be so much better off. 2)NASA hasn’t made any kind of discovery in recent years that’s been of any kind of use to us. Sure, finding out Pluto doesn’t really count as a planet is cool and all, but how does that help us in anyway?! It doesn’t make a difference if we know how many planets there are right now, what matters is that we use our money to help stop destroying the Earth try to fix the damage we’ve done. It’s great that we have the technology and skills to travel into space, but it’s becoming unaffordable and we have bigger expenses on our hands. 3)Its incredibly risky and dangerous traveling to space. Remember the space shuttle Columbia tragedy? Also, the radiation on Earth and Space is very different and the radiation in space can cause damage to human cells and possibly cancer. Osteoperosis is another risk. Because of microgravity, bones become brittle and a full recovery when arriving back on Earth may not occur. Space travel can also cause temporary and sometimes permanent hearing loss. And the biggest danger while in space? The debris that is constantly orbiting earth  travels at high speeds and can be deadly if collided with. Closing Statement: Before we continue any more exploration in space, we need to focus on exploring the ways we can help the Earth. We don’t need to spend 17 billion on NASA to find out facts that aren’t of great importance, to put the astronauts and people on the launch site in danger, and when we have so much work to do on Earth. The money will be better spent on fixing the economy and making the Earth a better place.

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Greed in Julius Caesar :: Julius Caesar Essays

Greed in Julius Caesar Greed can disrupt a family, town, or even a country. The play "Julius Caesar" was a great example of the power of greed. In the play "Julius Caesar" the driving forces were Cassius, Brutus, Marc Antony, and Octavius Caesar. Cassius was the brother in-law of Brutus and was also the creator of the group of conspirators. Cassius was also a senator of Rome. Cassius's greed for power, good reputation, and his jealousy lead to Caesars death. Cassius had the most honorable man in Rome to help in his plot to kill Caesar. Brutus was the honorable roman which Cassius took control of. Brutus loved Rome and all of the Roman people. Brutus was actually the true leader of the conspirators because he made the important decisions. Brutus had a different motivation for killing Caesar. The conspirators killed Julius Caesar because they were worried that if Caesar had succeeded in becoming king all the conspirators would lose their power. Brutus's motive for killing Julius Caes ar was his fear of Caesar destroying the city of Rome. Mark Antony was a regular Roman citizen, who was good friends with Julius Caesar. After Julius Caesar's death, Marc Antony recited a speech at Julius Caesar's funeral to all the people of Rome. The speech caused the plebeians to destroy everything in sight. It was by his speech that Marc Antony got his revenge towards Brutus and Cassius. Octavius Caesar was the nephew of Julius Caesar. When he got to Rome he and Marc Antony teamed up to fight against the forces of Brutus and Cassius. It was at Brutus and Cassius's last battle where Octavius and Marc Antony succeeded in their plan. Cassius had many motives for the killing of Julius Caesar. One of Cassius's motives was his greed for power. Cassius believed that he should have as much power as Julius Caesar. Cassius was also worried that if Julius Caesar had been king he would lose all of his power and become another regular citizen of Rome. Cassius showed his greed for power when he would always talk about how Caesar would get so much power and he was treated like he was nothing.

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Wireless Industry

The Wireless Industry in Canada is comprised of establishments engaged in providing telecommunication and/or services over network facilities operated by them. The establishments in the industry can own a network, lease a network, or combined these two facilities (NAICS , 2010). With limited regulatory barriers and availability of mobile technologies, the internal weaknesses of the industry have been overcome by strengths through job creations and investment and the Canadian Market. These internal strengths have led the wireless industry to become what is known as the fastest growing industry in North America and Western Europe. Traditional telecommunication companies are having a hard time increasing their customer base because of regulatory barriers and availability of mobile technologies (Anwar, 2003). Market capitalization poses a weakness to the industry. However, this trend is more noted in the European and Asia market, and has not impacted Canada the same. During the boom times, telecom companies maintained high market capitalization which signify an industry that is dominated by digital and Internet-related markets and surging consumer demand (Anwar, 2003). The wireless industry in Canada contributes $39 billion and roughly 300,000 jobs to the economy (CWTA, 2008). With more than $1 billion invested by Canadian wireless carriers in communication infrastructure each year, Canada has become stronger in the investments in the country and its people. The demand for highly skilled wireless communications specialists is so great that Canadian post-secondary institutions are creating programs specifically geared to the wireless industry. Furthermore, the wireless sector offers high value employment with an average salary level of $59,000, compared to a Canadian average salary of $42,640 (CWTA, 2008). Wireless carriers in Canada now expand their services to 99 percent of Canadians, increasing yearly the mobile phone subscribers (reaching 24 million in September 2010) (CWTA, 2008). Approximately 75 percent of Canadian households have access to a wireless phone, sending approximately 163 million text messages a day. The total wireless revenues in Canada were $16.8 billion in 2009 (CWTA, 2008). With this substantial popularity, the evolution of this market within Canada there are still a wide variety of strengths and weaknesses to be utilized and overcome by those organizations ready to effectively take on the challenge. Despite facing threats from external factors, the wireless industry is continuously evolving, giving it the upper hand, along with many opportunities. Much of the wireless industries success comes from the constant growth of technology, as well as, consumer demands. Through consumer trends such as going green, our accustomed lifestyle filled with convenience, and rapid increase in the mobile network, the wireless industry and its infinite possibilities have become the future of communication. Thus this ever-changing ability to develop and evolve is a major external strength for this industry. But having total creative licence to try and pull ahead of the competition, the possibilities in regards to innovation are endless. Green has become more than just a colour in recent years due to the current trend of becoming environmentally friendly and aware consumers. This has become extremely relevant in the wireless industry since, as mentioned by Anne Leonard in â€Å"The Story of Electronics†, electronics are â€Å"designed for the dump.† (Leonard, 2010) Therefore more garbage means more opportunities for recycling. Not only is this an opportunity to attract and meet consumer demands but, going green in the wireless industry would allow the ability to reuse materials, hence making products less costly. By creating green products, a company would be enabled to remain competitive in their industry to fulfill consumer’s need of convenience, and also environmentally friendly and recognizing the importance of the new consumer attitude. Figure 1: Ericsson Vision by 2020 Source: Ericsson Vision 2020 Time is of the essence and consumers now, more than ever, value convenience and accessibility. This provides the wireless industry the perfect opportunity due to the fact that according to Ericsson, an estimated 50 billion devices will be created by 2020. (Ericsson, 2009) As shown in Figure 1, electronics will overwhelmingly be part of our daily lives whether that is at home, work, or in society as a whole. These rising needs will provide the wireless industry with ample opportunities to create new products, as technology permits. Some specific opportunities may include the simple idea of the ability to communicate closely with your consumers through code scanning, to provide necessary information and by providing mobile services such as mobile coupons, which also ties into the green trend. Figure 2: Wireless Industry Market Share Breakdown Ericsson Vision by 2020 Source: CWTA Wireless Facts and Figures 2010 The wireless industry is an oligopoly, meaning that there are a few major competitors in the market. This is a great opportunity especially with â€Å"wireless being a cash cow for the industry, it has been â€Å"enormously† profitable for Rogers, Bell, and Telus.† (Report: Canadian Consumers Not Seeing Benefits From Wireless Industry Competition, 2010). As demonstrated in Figure 2, Rogers, Bell, and Telus control the majority of the market share and as the industry grows so will their sales Even though individual electronics may have a short life cycle, the overall wireless industry proves to be one of the largest and fastest growing industries. At the same time, this can be seen as a weakness, depending on which corporation you are examining. By not competing effectively with the major players within the market, it can be very easy to fall behind and eventually out of this very profitable industry. In order to keep up with Canada’s rapidly growing wireless industry the need for better regulation and easier entry into the industry is a must. There are 99% of Canadians taking advantage of the coverage offered by wireless carriers (C W T A / A C T S). It is imperative for the growth of the industry that international competitors are allowed into the Canadian market. This weakness could easily be turned into a strength as the wireless industry would benefit from increased regulations among carriers; it will allow for more consistency and will aid in capturing the remaining 1% of the Canadian population. Not only does regulation in the industry create happier consumers but it will also allow for customer loyalty for the existing competitors and drive their sales up. Throughout a geographically diverse nation, Canada boasts one of the highest broadband penetration rates in the world and Canadian companies have learned to provide world-class services, despite the geographical challenges and the smaller population centres. This weakness has already been overcome by the strength within the service and technology of this Canadian industry. By overcoming the difficulties of the geography and dispersed population centres within Canada, quality service is being provided to all, as well as upgraded and maintain on a daily basis by teams of professional staff an other industries working together. Canada also faces challenges within its wireless industry in regards to commercializing innovation and exporting it successfully to international markets. And tying in with this is another weakness of this Canadian Industry, are the limited resources of these small to medium sized enterprises. â€Å"Canadian operators have historically taken a â€Å"smart follower† approach to the commercial deployment of technology† (Kazam Technologies, 2006). Thus the needed resources of people, time and investments that would be required to successfully establish an organization within and international market present many challenges to the industry. The last current strength within the Canadian wireless industry, is the introduction of a new player which has promised to bring its Canadian organization even closer to the major players of Bell, Telus and now Wind Mobile. The major Chinese telecommunications solutions provider has set up its North American headquarters in Markham Ontario, bringing the province a state-of-the-art test lab designed to help improve the telecommunications industry in Canada (Beta, 2011). The organization named Huawei, headquarters currently employs approximately 200 people and will †expand our highly competitive offerings and support capabilities to our key customers in Canada† (Beta, 2011). Through this company’s commitment to strengthening the wireless industry in Canada along with our economy, there are sure to be some major advancements in years to come. There is no doubt that the wireless industry will only continue to grow. Consumers’ demands are an enormous part of the success of this industry and because of this it is absolutely necessary that these companies are paying attention to the constant changes in lifestyles. The extent of this success hinges heavily on the consumers and their wants. Throughout the external analysis of this popular and widely used industry we have mentioned many strengths and weaknesses within the market. Through the careful planning and managing of the concepts in both of these external areas, individual organizations have the potential to flourish and grow within the industry. Bibliography

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The Life Of A Slave Girl By Harriet Jacobs - 1606 Words

Slaves in the southern states of the United States were oppressed, beaten, and deprived of their natural human rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Which in turn caused many slaves to resist their ill fate that was decided by their masters. Through the story of â€Å"Incidents in the life of a slave girl† by Harriet Jacobs she wrote in her experience how she was resisting her masters and how many people helped her in her escape. And it wasn’t just black that resisted the slave system that helped out the main protagonist Linda in Harriet Jacobs book, but also white Americans who helped black’s to resist the slave system. The resistance towards the slave system by the black slaves and white American came in the form of black slaves running away from their own masters, white American and free black’s aiding black slaves to obtain freedom, and black slaves resisting their white masters in general weather it was impeding white masters from pro fiting at the slaves expenses or causing physical altercations. Many black slaves ran-away from their white masters in order to obtain freedom in the north, away from the south where blacks knew they would never live a life of freedom. For example, Harriet Jacobs writes about this happening many times in her book in regards to the main protagonist Linda who ran away from her master Mr. Flint, because Mr. Flint was going to hold Linda’s children as hostages on his plantation to keep Linda in line (80). This was in due to theShow MoreRelatedThe Life Of A Slave Girl By Harriet Jacobs858 Words   |  4 PagesThe way that Harriet Jacobs describes slavery in Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl was not a surprise to me. I believed that slaves were treated poorly and often times were hurt, the way that I thought of slavery is just like it is described in the book if not worse. I will discuss what I believed slavery was like before I read the book, how slavery was according to the book using in text citations and examples and also explain my thoughts on why the treatment was not a surprise to me. FromRead MoreThe Life Of A Slave Girl By Harriet Jacobs1791 Words   |  8 PagesIn the slave narrative entitled Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Harriet Jacobs also known as Linda Brent, is faced with a number of decisions, brutal hardships, and internal conflicts that she must cope with as an enslaved black woman. She opens the narrative with a preface that states: â€Å"READER, be assured this narrative is no fiction. I am aware that some of my adventures may seem incredible; but they are, nevertheless, strictly true. I have not exaggerated the wrongs inflicted by Slavery†Read MoreThe Life Of A Slave Girl By Harriet Jacobs Essay1316 Words   |  6 PagesIncidents in the life of a Slave Girl by Harriet Jacobs, she talks about how her life changed while serving different and new masters and mistresses. I think that this narrative writing is an important text to help us understand the different perspectives of slavery in America. There are some slave owners that ar e kind and humane, and some slave owners that are cruel and abusive. Additionally, reading from a female slave’s perspectives teaches us that life on the plantations and life in the house isRead MoreThe Life Of A Slave Girl By Harriet Jacob Essay1049 Words   |  5 PagesIn the novel Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Harriet Jacob’s writes an autobiography about the personal struggles her family, as well as women in bondage, commonly face while maturing in the Southern part of America. While young and enslaved, Harriet had learned how to read, write, sew, and taught how to perform other tasks associated with a ladies work from her first mistress. With the advantage of having a background in literacy, Harriet Jacobs later came to the realization that she wouldRead MoreThe Life Of A Slave Girl By Harriet Jacobs1198 Words   |  5 PagesIn her autobiography, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Harriet Jacobs portrays her detailed life events on such an intense l evel. Jacobs was born in 1813 in North Carolina. She had a rough life starting at the age of six when her mother died, and soon after that everything started to go downhill, which she explains in her autobiography. Her novel was originally published in 1861, but was later reprinted in 1973 and 1987. Harriet Jacobs presents her story using numerous detailed descriptionsRead MoreThe Life Of A Slave Girl By Harriet Jacobs1292 Words   |  6 Pagesslavery. I chose to focus on two texts: Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl and Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass. In the personal narrative Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, author Harriet Jacobs depicts the various struggles she endured in the course of her life as a young female slave and, as she grew older, a runaway escaped to the â€Å"free† land of the North, referring to herself as Linda Brent. Throughout this story, Jacobs places a heavy emphasis on the ways in which Brent andRead MoreThe Life Of A Slave Girl By Harriet Jacobs928 Words   |  4 Pagesin the Life of a Slave Girl, Harriet Jacobs offers the audience to experience slavery through a feminist perspective. Unlike neo-slave narratives, Jacobs uses the pseudonym ‘Linda Brent’ to narrate her first-person account in order to keep her identity clandestine. Located in the Southern part of America, her incidents commence from her sheltered life as a child to her subordination to her mistress upon her mother’s death, and her continuing struggle to live a dignified and virtuous life despiteRead MoreThe Life Of A Slave Girl By Harriet Jacobs1335 Words   |  6 PagesHarriet Jacobs wrote Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl (Incidents) to plead with free white women in the north for the abolition of slavery. She focused on highlighting characteristics that the Cult of True Womanhood and other traditional protestant Christians idolized in women, mainly piety, purity, domesticity, and submissiveness. Yet, by representing how each of her characters loses the ability to maintain the prescribed values, she presents the strong moral framework of the African AmericanRead MoreThe Life Of A Slave Girl By Harriet Jacobs1575 Words   |  7 Pagesncidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Slavery, in my eyes, is an institution that has always been ridiculed on behalf of the physical demands of the practice, but few know the extreme mental hardships that all slaves faced. In Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Harriet Jacobs writes autobiographically about her families and her personal struggles as a maturing mullatto child in the South. Throughout this engulfing memoir of Harriet Jacobs life, this brave woman tells of many trying timesRead MoreThe Life Of A Slave Girl By Harriet Jacob993 Words   |  4 PagesHarriet Jacob’s Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, depicts a personal and true account of how woman were sexually and physically abused rather than just physically abuses as that of an enslaved man. Enslaved woman struggled tremendously to not only be considered equal to man though to be seen equal pure and virtuous identical to the white women. Jacob’s female slave narrative was a special kind of autobiography, were she not only used anothe r person to represent her, however, she wanted the reader

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Survey On Keyword Search Of Relational Databases Essay

SURVEY ON KEYWORD SEARCH IN RELATIONAL DATABASES Chavan Aparna R1, Bangar S2 1 M. Tech Scholar, Department of Computer Science Engineering, Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT), Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India 2 Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science Engineering, Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT), Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India Abstract Keyword search is the most effective information discovery method in documents. The large volume of data is stored in databases. Plain text coexists with structured data, unstructured data for this type of data efficient processing of top-k queries is a crucial requirement. This paper describes fundamental characteristics including relational database, top-k queries, steiner trees. Recently, Tuple units are used to improve the keyword search by joining the multiple related tuple units and indexes are used for structural relationships. In this paper various existing techniques for developing search system are compared. This survey also describes the Ranking. Ranking queries are dominant in many emerging applications for finding top-k answers. The research strategy used to resolve is top-k query processing. Key Words: Keyword Search, Top-k Query Processing, Relational Databases, Tuple Units. --------------------------------------------------------------------***---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Introduction Data mining is the process that attempts to discover patternsShow MoreRelatedThe Issues On Multimedia Mining2951 Words   |  12 PagesThese data are stored in multimedia database, multimedia mining which is used to find information from large multimedia database system, using multimedia techniques and powerful tools. This paper analyzes aboutthe use of essential characteristics of multimedia data mining, retrieving information is one of the goals of data mining and different issues have been discussed. The current approaches and techniques are explained for mining multimedia data. KEYWORDS: Data Mining, Multimedia Mining, ClusteringRead MoreStatistical Analysis : The Big Data Analytics1399 Words   |  6 Pageshandle and manage large number of records with many attributes. The combination of big data and computing power with statistical analysis allows the designers to explore new behavioral data throughout the day at various websites. It represents a database that can’t be processed and managed by current data mining techniques due to large size and complexity of data. Big data analytic includes the representation of data in a suitable form and make use of data mining to extract useful information fromRead MoreMultimedia Data And Its Essential Characteristics3302 Words   |  14 Pages images, graphics, speech, text and combination of several types of data sets. Normally, multimedia data are categorized into unstructured and semi-structured data. These data are stored in multimedia databases and multimedia mining is used to find useful information fr om large multimedia database system by using various multimedia techniques and powerful tools. This paper provides the basic concepts of multimedia mining and its essential characteristics. Multimedia mining architectures for structuredRead MoreAnnotated Bibliography On Data Mining3115 Words   |  13 PagesThese data are stored in multimedia database, multimedia mining which is used to find information from large multimedia database system, using multimedia techniques and powerful tools. The current approaches and techniques are explained for mining multimedia data. This paper analyzes about the use of essential characteristics of multimedia data mining, retrieving information is one of the goals of data mining and different issues have been discussed. Keywords: Data Mining, Multimedia Mining, ClusteringRead MoreAnnotated Bibliography On Multimedia Data3142 Words   |  13 Pages images, graphics, speech, text and combination of several types of data sets. Normally, multimedia data are categorized into unstructured and semi-structured data. These data are stored in multimedia databases and multimedia mining is used to find useful information from large multimedia database system by using various multimedia techniques and powerful tools.This paper provides the basic concepts of multimedia mining and its essential characteristics.Multimedia mining architectures for structuredRead MoreIndustrial And Technical Review For Hadoop3290 Words   |  14 Pagesinterested in using new technology to support rising customer expectations. Surveys show that 66% of us want to be treated as individuals, and 58% want to enjoy dealing with companies more. Gualtieri likened Hadoop to a data lake that was created by a dam, with lots of turbines at the bottom to process the data. He called Hadoop a â€Å"unique technology, â€Å"The first general-purpose Data Operating System (DataOS)† With survey results showing that 81% of large enterprises are already believers in the technologyRead MoreA Product Recommendation System Based On Mobile Context1359 Words   |  6 Pagesinformation for users. We analyze the service satisfaction ratings of the users to recommend favored products for them. With mobile context awareness, the proposed framework can enhance the capacity to satisfy the user demands for product recommendations. Keywords Mobile context aware services 1. INTRODUCTION It is a fact that most of these Apps only use location Based Services (LBS) to help users find the interested location, but yield a lot of irrelevant data. There are two types of recommendations onRead MoreResearch Topics On Web Mining3383 Words   |  14 Pages Abstract- Web is a collection of inter-related files on one or more web servers while web mining means extracting valuable information from web databases. Web mining is one of the data mining domains where data mining techniques are used for extracting information from the web servers. The web data includes web pages, web links, objects on the web and web logs. Web mining is used to understand theRead MoreA Report On The Data Mining1896 Words   |  8 PagesABSTRACT As with the development of the IT technologies , the amount of cumulative data is also Growing. It has resulted large amount of data stock in databases , depot and other repositories . therefore the Data mining comes into model to explore and analyses the databases to extract the interesting and previously obscure patterns and rules well-known as association rule mining It was first introduced in 1993. In DM Association rule mining becomes one of the serious tasks of adjective techniqueRead MoreResearch Topics On Web Mining3326 Words   |  14 Pages RESEARCH ISSUES IN WEB MINING ABSTRACT Web is a collection of inter-related files on one or more web servers while web mining means extracting valuable information from web databases. Web mining is one of the data mining domains where data mining techniques are used for extracting information from the web servers. The web data includes web pages, web links, objects on the web and web logs. Web mining is used to understand the customer behaviour, evaluate a particular

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What Does It Mean - 929 Words

What does it mean to be truly alone? Most people believe being alone holds a negative connotation. However, I have found that being isolated can truly make one stop and breathe and have time to really think about their life and what their purpose is. Above all, to be truly alone one must be physically and virtually disconnected from others for a time. For example, to me being alone is often something I get excited for in advance. I relish my free time to laze around and just be able to do anything I please without feeling the judgment of other people pressuring me to be productive at all times. Considering this, one might think about Anna Quindlen’s essay â€Å"Doing Nothing Is Something,† and realize that being unproductive for a few hours could fuel a person’s creativity so that they are able to write or compose or act effectively. Personally, after having time alone to relax I always feel more ready to tackle a daunting task. Being alone means doing what you w ould do in any situation where others are not criticizing or watching your actions. For instance, I always work better when I am first alone for a few hours, when I can have a few unscheduled minutes of my day to rest my brain and prepare to be around other individuals or prepare to work. Winters 2 Also stated in Quindlen’s essay was the topic of the summertime and how it has changed for the schoolchildren of this era. When I was in elementary school, summer meant sleeping as late as possible and not seeing mostShow MoreRelatedWhat Does It Mean?1389 Words   |  6 PagesMaintenance items: 31 Pre-Contemplation- What does that mean? I would explain to Justin that individuals in the pre-contemplation stage of change are not even thinking about changing their drinking or drug behavior. They may not see it as a problem, or they think that others who point out the problem are exaggerating (Grohol, J. M., 2006, February 13). Contemplation – What does that mean? I would also give him the knowledge of each of the four and what the meaning is. Individuals in this stageRead MoreWhat Does It Mean?855 Words   |  4 PagesPrior to arriving to Ursinus College in the Fall of 2015 I had not reflected on what being human truly meant. I was first posed the question, â€Å"What does it mean to be human?† in my very first Common Intellectual Experience class. At this time my first impression of what it meant to be human was to be someone who contributes to society, throughout this year my speculation has changed into the theory that there is no legitimate higher purpose to being human, you yourself give your existence meaningRead MoreWhat Does It Mean?1300 Words   |  6 PagesStuff. Such a broad word that can describe so many different things. It is a simple five letter word that can engulf entire populations. Everyone on this planet has â€Å"stuff† and some people have too much of that â€Å"stuff.† What exactly does it mean to have too much stuff? What does it entail? Is it bad? I have attempted to answer those questions and ones similar. â€Å"Attempt† is the key.There are over seven billion people in the world and it is impossible for me to hear everyone’s voice. I had to be satisfiedRead MoreWhat Does It Mean?954 Words   |  4 Pageswarm up run with my teammates. After the run, the coach normally announces that days lineups. Today we were in eights. â€Å"Awmiller, Greer, Johnson, Smith, Harrison, Shuford, Patrick, and Dickerson,† the coach announced. I didn’t hear my name. What does that mean? â€Å"Velanovich, Farris, Lewis, Arth, Howell, Clements, Charles, and Rose,† yelled the coach. I didn’t hear my name called once so, I went to the coach and asked why. â€Å"Excuse me coach, but why wasn’t I called today?† â€Å"Lucas, we didn’t have enoughRead MoreWhat Does It Mean?1561 Words   |  7 Pagesan important thing to note that the clear understanding of the topic makes the topic more and more easier to understand it. So, I am also going to start the topic from the basics. Who are Nagros? The writer is always using the word â€Å"Nagro†, what does it mean by this word â€Å"Nagro†?. According to the basic definitions, the Nagros are the people with black skins. It may also be said that those people who have their ancestry or the black appearance are called the Nagros. Summary The writer wants toRead MoreWhat Does It Mean?901 Words   |  4 Pageslast courses one met my historical studies factor which is framework. Framework allowed me to explore historical studies in that dealt with American history and global history. the courses associate with both histories are U.S. History to 1865: What Does It Mean to Be a Free Nation, Global History to the 15th Century, U.S. History from 1865 to the Present and Introduction to Women s and Gender Studies. Problem-oriented is framework that focus on consideration of possible resolution or continuing significanceRead MoreWhat Does It Mean?1587 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"Thinking† has become so casual in our everyday lives that we sometimes take it for granted and never really think about the process of â€Å"thinking†. What does it mean to â€Å"think†? What qualities do one need to meet to be considered â€Å"capable of thinking†? Being a human involves thinking and thinking involves experiences and emotions. In his paper, Turing questions these traits and brings in new theories to support his statement that machines are capable of thinking, using his imitation game as an exampleRead MoreWhat Does It Mean?1022 Words   |  5 PagesWhat does it mean to be religious? According to John Bowker (2006), it can mean so many things to different people (p.6). Therefore, John Bowker argues that being religious does not have a perfect explanation and it does not mean one simple thing. I totally agree with John. I agree because â€Å"as a religion develops, disagreements can arise† (Coogan, p 10). Everyone had his or her own true meaning of being religious. In addition, religion is a key element in most human cultures. John and I believe thatRead MoreWhat Does It Mean?1580 Words   |  7 Pageshowever on personal climate occasions. Yet this probability raises numerous troublesome philosophical and political questions. What does it mean for something to be created by something else – particularly in complex frameworks? Is the looked for after reason for amazing climate deterministic ( this brought about that ) or stochastic ( this made that more likely )? In what ways are answers to the inquiry of causation molded by political or morals instead of by logical analysis. Rising levels ofRead MoreWhat Does It Mean?1244 Words   |  5 Pages What does it mean to immigrate? What is an immigrant? These are terms that need to be understood before deciding where immigration reform is needed. An immigrant, is a person who comes to a country to live there according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. To immigrate, is to, enter and usually become established; especially: to come into a country of which one is not native for permanent residence. Immigrants become involved economically, politically, and socially which cause problems for our